Variyam Kuthu


taking valium after food Variyam Kuthu near Thattekad in Ernakulam district is a less explored destination in Kerala. There is no proper roads and the only way to get to the falls is through the jungle. You could either walk 8 kms through the jungle or hire a jeep to the falls. Unlike other jungles in Kerala you don’t need permission from the forest department to get to the falls.

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carisoprodol while pregnant • Walking through the thick Bamboo forests is an unforgettable experience, trust us. Carisoprodol 250 Mg Tablet • Along the way you will come across a river, which is shallow and has got Rocky River bed. You will definitely love spending time in the water. soma or valium for muscle spasms • This bamboo jungle is a favorite destination for elephants. But the chances of seeing one is very rare. But it won’t be a good idea to go there at dusk. carisoprodol addiction symptoms • Before you reach Variyam Kuthu falls, you will come across a small water fall where you can relax for a while and then continue your walk. carisoprodol fda information • 6kms into the jungle, you will reach a tribal village. You could buy honey and they have a collection of medicinal plants.

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whats the generic name for valium How to reach: Ernakulam -40kms – Muvatupuzha- 20 kms-Thattekad -15kms-Mlavana-Hire a Jeep(Forget this option if you’re serious about trekking) – 8 kms to the waterfalls.

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