variyam kuthu water falls near ernakulam

Variyam Kuthu near Thattekad in Ernakulam district is a less known waterfall and tribal settlement in the jungle. There is no proper roads and the only way to get to the falls is through the jungle. You could either walk 8 kms through the jungle or hire a jeep to the falls.

why visit?

• Walking through the thick Bamboo forests is an unforgettable experience, trust us.
• Along the way you will come across a river, which is shallow and has got Rocky River bed. You will definitely love spending time in the water.
• This bamboo jungle is a favorite destination for elephants. But the chances of seeing one is very rare. But it won’t be a good idea to go there at dusk.
• Before you reach Variyam Kuthu falls, you will come across a small water fall where you can relax for a while and then continue your walk.
• 6kms into the jungle, you will reach a tribal village. You could buy honey and they have a collection of medicinal plants.

How to reach: Ernakulam -40kms – Muvatupuzha- 20 kms-Thattekad -15kms-Mlavana-Hire a Jeep(Forget this option if you’re serious about trekking) – 8 kms to the waterfalls.

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