Pooyamkutty Forest

pooyamkutty river

half life of valium 1mg A perfect location for one day trekking. Pooyamkutty is definitely the nearest trekking spot to the city of Cochin. The small town of Pooyamkutty is on the bank of Pooyamkutty River which is actually a tributary of the mighty Periyar. The trekking through the jungle takes you to picturesque waterfalls, tribal settlements and their huts.

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  • Pooyamkutty is one of the major elephant migration route and home to several other wildlife forms. Elephant herds are common sighting at the Pooyamkutty river bank.
  • Another attraction is the world’s fastest growing tree..yes, The Bamboo! Pooyamkutty forest is a bamboo dominated forest which is something the elephants love to feed on.
  • The trek is more than 10 kms through the bamboo forests of Pooyamkutty and you will be crossing small streams on the way. You can take a dip in the water, relax for a while and then continue trekking.
  • Calls of Macaques and langurs can be heard as you move deeper into the jungle.
  • The waterfalls aren’t that big, but still they offer a visual treat to the eyes.
  • You could buy honey and different types tribal products from the tribal colony.

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ativan valium or xanax More than a 100 families lives inside the Pooyamkutty forest. The jungle route is the only way to reach the town and they have to walk nearly 20 kms to buy provisions. The tribes who live inside these jungles are now used to jungle route. The Pooyamkutty River during monsoon can dangerous and the bridge that connects Pooyamkutty with the nearest town will be flooded and can hardly be seen.

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temazepam and diazepam mix How to Reach: Ernakulam – Kothamangalam – Thattekad – 20kms – Pooyamkutty

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