Off-road to Rosemala

off-road to Rosemala, Thenmala and Ganapathikunnu view point

Rosemala is a small village amidst the Shenduruney forest and one of the least explored places in Kerala. Reaching here is quite adventurous. Atleast 10Kms though the jungle is off-road. The rough and rugged track towards Rosemala is steep and slippery. You will come across small streams frequently.

  • Not being accessible so easily, Rosemala is not a well-known tourist destination and that makes this place so pristine.
  • The main attraction at Rosemala is the Ganapathikunnu view point. You will get a spectacular view of the Thenmala dam reservoir.
  • At tea stalls you will be served with tea and hot stories of their daily encounter with wildlife.
  • Speaking of wildlife, elephants roam freely through these jungle. Chances of spotting wild elephants is high.
  • Being a part of the Shenduruney Wildlife reserve almost every kind of species that are found in the jungles of Western Ghats are found here.

Some Facts:

It is believed that a British man bought an estate here and the name came from his wife Roslyn. Nearly 250 families live inside this forest. The little village of Rosemala in the middle of the jungle rely fully on solar power as there is no electricity. Every single electrical equipment that you find here is powered by solar energy.

If you are planning for a one day off-road trip to Rosemala, it is better to come early, spend your day at places nearby Rosemala and leave before it is dawn. Keep this number just in case if you want to go deep into the jungle: +91 9447979081 (Wildlife warden)

How to Reach: Kollam-76Kms-Aryankavu-15Kms-Rosemala.

Manjoor – Mulli – Agali Stretch


Starting from Manjoor in Ooty district in Tamil Nadu the narrow hilly roads stretches till Agali in Palakkad, Kerala. Mulli is a check post in the Palakkad district other than Walayar.Mulli check post is in Kerala Tamil Nadu border which connects Palakkad and the Ooty town. A scenic hilly terrain perfect for bike rides, but highly risky during Monsoon.

  • Manjoor, is a misty hill station. Where the town is always covered in Mist.
  • The stretch between Mulli and Manjoor has got 43 hair pin bends. The narrow hair pin bends are really challenging and bikers would love this route.
  • 15 minutes ride from Manjoor your next stop would be a shrine atop the hill and an amazing view point. The plains of Coimbatore district is easily visible from here.
  • At Mulli, you can see a stone structure marked as Madras State boundary. The structure stands as a historical sign which was actually built at the time of Kerala State formation.
  • The next half an hour ride through the jungle will take you to a banks of Bhavani River.

Some Facts:

Even though Manjoor-Mulli-Agali shortens the distance between Ooty and Palakkad, most people rarely takes this route. This is a route frequented by elephants and the roads being rugged, check your tyres before you go.

How to reach: Palakkad – Agali – Mulli – Annamalai – Manjoor – Ooty