Neriamangalam: Lesser known places near Ernakulam

Being the area that receives the most rainfall in a year, Neriamangalam forest is also known as the Chirapunji of Kerala. The lesser known trekking route to “Avarkutty” village, the famous arch bridge on the Munnar highway built across the Periyar River and the Ichathotty village are the major attractions.

why visit?

  • Avarkutty, a village which is setup temporarily inside the jungle is for nature lovers and trekkers.
  • While trekking towards Avarkutty one can peacefully enjoy the beauty of the jungle, listen to the calls of wildlife and finally you can relax near the river which is locally known as “Avarkuty Aar”.
  • Trekking further up the hill, through the jungle path one can reach Mankulam, near Munnar. This less travelled path is nearly 20 Kms long and elephants roam here freely.
  • The Inchathotty suspension Bridge is another attraction near Neriamangalam. The bridge at the Inchathotty village looks like the miniature of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Spend some time near the river bank, enjoy the view and get a free pedicure.

The Neriamangalam town situated at the bank of Periyar River is in the border of Ernakulam and Idukki districts. The old Munnar road is another attraction. The road which connects Munnar via Thattekad-Pooyamkutty and Mankulam was destroyed during the floods in 1924.

Avarkutty: The forests department permits the tribes to harvest bamboo from the jungle seasonally. This is when the Avarkutty village come to life. During off-seasons the village disappears and all that remains will be a watch tower.

How to Reach: Kochi – Kothamangalam – 20Kms (Via NH 85) – Neriamangalam
Aavarkutti: Move towards Adimali from Neriamangalam until 6th Mile. Ride to Elamblassery and then you can access Avarkutti by trekking.

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