Meet the Travelers

It’s Friday evening, and what are you doing in the office? Do you know what time is it and we have a train to catch? Did you take the camera? Where are my bike keys? Shoot, I forgot my extra pair of socks and under wears.

These are some of the dialogues from our phone conversation before weekend trips. We hear these a lot on most Friday evenings. We love to get away to places far from our city. Everyone wants to travel, but most people fail to find time for traveling. Our motto is to work on weekdays, leave the city behind and get away on weekends, whenever possible.

We are three like-minded people fascinated by wildlife, nature and history and loves traveling. After surviving the engineering course, we started working as full-time slaves in different IT companies in Cochin. Our love for watching and filming the nature and wildlife, riding through less travelled roads and visiting places of historical importance inspire us as travelers.

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