Agali-Mulli-Manjoor to Ooty via Bike

Starting from Manjoor in Ooty district in Tamil Nadu the narrow hilly roads stretches till Agali in Palakkad, Kerala. Mulli is a check post in the Palakkad district other than Walayar.Mulli check post is in Kerala Tamil Nadu border which connects Palakkad and the Ooty town. A scenic hilly terrain perfect for bike rides, but highly risky during Monsoon.

why visit?

  • Manjoor, is a misty hill station. Where the town is always covered in Mist.
  • The stretch between Mulli and Manjoor has got 43 hairpin bends. The narrow hair pin bends are really challenging and bikers would love this route.
  • 15 minutes ride from Manjoor your next stop would be a shrine atop the hill and an amazing view point. The plains of Coimbatore district is easily visible from here.
  • At Mulli, you can see a stone structure marked as Madras State boundary. The structure stands as a historical sign which was actually built at the time of Kerala State formation.
  • The next half an hour ride through the jungle will take you to a banks of Bhavani River.

Some Facts:
Even though Manjoor-Mulli-Agali shortens the distance between Ooty and Palakkad, most people rarely takes this route. This is a route frequented by elephants and the roads being rugged, check your tyres before you go.

How to reach: Palakkad – Agali – Mulli – Annamalai – Manjoor – Ooty

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