The lesser known Anchuruli tunnel and waterfall near Kattapana

Spend an evening at the scenic catchment area of the Idukki dam reservoir. If you are riding to Kattapana, Idukki then the Anchuruli tunnel and waterfall are something that you should not miss. Just 12kms from the Kattapana town lies this less known scenic spot.

why visit?

  • The view of the Idukki Dam Reservoir surrounded by the hills and the sloppy grasslands are quite a sight.
  • The water coming out of the tunnel takes a rocky path before it falls into the reservoir which is a superb view.
  • One can walk towards the tunnel, enter it and experience the chilled water coming out of it. But you are not allowed to walk further down as the unsteadily flow of water could be dangerous at times.
  • If lucky, you will get to see wild animals straying along the banks of the reservoir

Some Facts:
When the water level in the Dam Reservoir is low, you can see five little islands that resembles five vessels immersed upside down. Hence the place got its name Anchuruli (“anchu” means five and “uruli” means vessel). The tunnel is approximately 4 Kms long through the mountains carrying water from the Erattayar all the way to the Idukki Dam Reservoir.

How to Reach: Reach Kattapana – 12Kms – Anchuruli

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