offbeat place in Idukki to spot wild elephants - aanakkulam, mankulam

Do you love watching wild elephants? Head towards Aanakulam to watch elephants in the wild. The mineral rich streams of Aanakulam attracts wild animals to the spot, especially elephants.

Why visit

  • Chances of seeing wild elephants are very high. You can see them in numbers at night.
  • Yet another off-road destination in Kerala for bike rides and those who love wilderness.
  • Aanakulam is blessed with plenty of rivulets. Have a dip in Eetacholayar.
  • Jeep safari is available at Aanakulam. Inquire at Kerala forest dept for more info.

One can access Mankulam via bus from Munnar and from Munnar one can reach Aanakulam by Jeep. There is no proper road as it gets washed away after the heavy rains.

Note: Make sure you get permission from Kerala Forest Dept for trekking in Aanakulam.

How to reach:

Ernakulam – Adimali – Kallar – Mankulam – Aanakulam.

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